Strategic evidence-based medicine


  • Modality


  • Aimed at
    Staff of health care institutions


  • Duration
    50 hours


Overall objective

Learn how to perform a systematic review and meta-analysis and how to publish an article in high impact journals.


Specific objectives

  • Identify the key steps in the systematic review process and define a review question and understand how to develop a review protocol.
  • Perform critical appraisal of evidence using standardized quality checklists.
  • Describe methods to critically assess the risk of bias in clinical trials and other studies.
  • Develop a data extraction form and extract relevant results from the studies.
  • To become familiar with statistical methods for quantitative data analysis.
  • To explore the use of meta-analysis in data synthesis using a computer program (RevMan).
  • Learn how to interpret in detail each figure of a meta-analysis and how to defend it in a presentation.
  • Learn how to integrate the most recent scales on quality of meta-analysis.
  • To become familiar with good practices in reporting systematic reviews.