Advanced Statistical Analysis for Publications in High-Impact Scientific Journals


  1. Detailed information: Our team of statistical experts can help you every step of the way, from planning the study to interpreting the results.
  • Initial consultation: First, we will meet with you by phone or video call to discuss your specific objectives and requirements. This is an opportunity for you to tell us about your data and what you hope to achieve with statistical analysis.
  • Descriptive analysis: We will perform a descriptive analysis to better understand your data. This will include measures of central tendency, dispersion and distribution, as well as graphs and tables to visualize your data.
  • Hypothesis testing: If you have a specific question you want to answer, we can perform hypothesis testing to determine whether your data support or refute a given hypothesis.
  • Statistical models: If you have complex data that requires a deeper understanding, we can fit statistical models to analyze your data. These models may include linear regression, logistic regression, time series models, factor analysis, among others.
  • Multivariate analysis: If you have several data sets that you want to analyze together, we can perform a multivariate analysis. This will allow us to identify relationships between your variables and discover hidden patterns in your data.
  • Results report: At the end of the statistical analysis, we will prepare a detailed report of your results. This report will include a description of the statistical techniques used, the results obtained and the conclusions reached. We will also provide you with figures and tables of your data to help you better understand the results.
  • Specific Consultations: In our Specific Consultations service, we offer punctual and personalized advice to solve your doubts in an effective and efficient way. To use our Specific Inquiries service, simply contact us through our contact form or email. We will respond to you within a reasonable time frame with a customized solution tailored to your specific needs.

*Due to our experience and in order to offer a quality service, we require a minimum of 10 hours of service for each project. There are several reasons why we set a minimum of 10 hours for our statistical service. First, statistical analyses require time and attention to ensure the accuracy and quality of the results. A data analysis project may involve multiple steps. These steps must be carefully planned and executed to ensure the validity and reliability of the data. In addition, a minimum of 10 hours allows us to devote the time and attention necessary to analyze the data in a complete and exhaustive manner. This allows us to identify patterns, trends and relationships that might be overlooked in more superficial analyses. It also allows us to perform more complex and precise statistical tests, resulting in more accurate and reliable results. Finally, a minimum of 10 hours allows us to involve our clients in the data analysis process. This includes review and discussion of the results, as well as guidance in the interpretation of the results. By involving our clients in the process, we can ensure that the results of the analysis are tailored to the specific needs and objectives of each project. In short, we are committed to offer a quality and personalized service for each project and we believe that a minimum of 10 hours allows us to achieve this goal.

*In our statistical analysis service, we take the privacy and security of our clients’ data very seriously. Therefore, our statisticians have signed confidentiality agreements to guarantee the protection of our clients’ information.

  1. Success stories: Visit our “Success stories” section to see examples of reviewers’ comments on papers that have been published in high impact journals thanks to our advice on statistical analysis.

“The methodology is very careful and the authors have made a remarkable effort to reduce the impact of the limitations of their study.”

“The quality of the methodology deserves to be admitted for publication.”

“I must say that the work is very interesting and methodologically flawless.”

“This study could help to choose the appropriate type of device”.

“…the statistical analysis seems impeccable”.

“Manuscript is well constructed presenting the results of this study”.

  1. Start now: Complete the contact form with the details of your project, and we will contact you shortly to provide you with personalized advice.

*In our statistical analysis service, we are committed to guaranteeing the quality and accuracy of our results. Therefore, if the database uploaded or sent to our platform does not meet the minimum quality standards, we will reject the project and automatically refund the money.

It is important to note that our team of statisticians will decide whether the database meets the necessary quality criteria. These criteria may include data integrity, consistency, cleanliness and other factors that may affect the accuracy and reliability of the results.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that the database be presented as completely and accurately as possible. This includes eliminating duplicate data, correcting errors and standardizing data. If you have any questions about the required quality criteria, please do not hesitate to contact us for additional guidance.

  1. Purchase the service: Once you have entered the data, make the payment through our secure platform. Our team of experts will contact you to start working on your statistical analysis immediately after receiving your payment confirmation.
  2. Communication and follow-up: Throughout the process, we will make sure to keep you informed about the progress of your statistical analysis and resolve any questions you may have.
  3. Delivery and review: Upon completion of the analysis, we will provide you with a detailed and easy-to-understand report, along with all the files necessary for you to incorporate the results into your manuscript. If you wish, we can also offer you additional advice for the interpretation and presentation of the results in your publication or communication at a congress.
  4. Publish with confidence: With your advanced statistical analysis in hand, you will be ready to submit your research to high-impact scientific journals and increase the chances of it being accepted and recognized in academia.


In the complex world of scientific research, solid and rigorous statistical analysis is essential to ensure the publication of your studies in high-impact journals. Our advanced statistical analysis service provides you with the confidence and support you need to make your research stand out and achieve the recognition it deserves.