Gonzalo Mariscal, founder of OMEDICS, receives the award for best spine surgery publication of the year.

Picture of Gonzalo Mariscal

Gonzalo Mariscal

Orthopedic surgery resident physician

Founding partner of Omedics

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At OMEDICS we are very excited to announce that our founder, Gonzalo Mariscal, has been awarded with the best spine surgery publication of the year award! His study “Meta-analysis of the efficacy of ketamine in postoperative pain control in patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis undergoing spinal fusion” has been recognized for its importance in postoperative pain management in patients with idiopathic scoliosis, demonstrating that the use of ketamine significantly improves pain control in these patients.

This award not only highlights the excellence of Gonzalo Mariscal’s research, but also highlights the importance of meta-analysis in medical research. At OMEDICS, we are proud to say that this award is a reflection of the quality and commitment we offer our clients.

Meta-analyses are a crucial tool in medical research, as they allow the results of multiple studies to be synthesized and analyzed, providing a more complete and accurate view of the effects of a treatment or intervention. At OMEDICS, we have a large team of meta-analysis experts who work hard to provide our clients with accurate and detailed results that enable them to make informed decisions.

This award recognizes Gonzalo Mariscal’s work and commitment to medical research, and highlights the importance of meta-analyses in the management of postoperative pain in patients with idiopathic scoliosis. From OMEDICS, we would like to congratulate the entire team for this well-deserved recognition and reiterate our commitment to continue working hard in conducting high quality meta-analyses. Thank you for trusting us!

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