Differences in Adiposity Profile and Body Fat Distribution Research

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The purpose of this study was to analyze the adiposity profile and the body fat distribution in 56 sub-elite female rugby union players involved in the Spanish National Women’s Rugby Union Championships. The participants included in this study, which was the first to analyze sub-elite players, show thinner skinfolds, lower fat mass, and lesser fat percentage than previously reported for elite female rugby union players. Forwards were heavier and had higher body mass index (BMI) and fat mass, thicker skinfolds, and higher fat percentage than back players. Forwards also possessed significantly greater total fat-free mass than backs. All these differences were applicable only to players under 25 years of age. A negative correlation between age and both abdominal and lower extremity fat was found in forward players but not in the backs. Both Yuhasz and Faulkner equations tended to underestimate fat percentage in comparison to Reilly equation. Although Yuhasz equation provided higher systematic error, random error was lower in comparison to Faulkner equation. This study shows the relevance of analyzing and monitoring adiposity in female rugby union players to optimize adaptation to the sports requirements of different playing positions and age.

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